The Mayans MC is a series all us bikers are eagerly waiting for. The spinoff of the uber-popular Sons of Anarchy is one of the most anticipated shows for bikers. Sons of Anarchy has been off air since years, and it was great to hear the Mayans MC being announced. The new show will revolve […]

President Donald Trump has had three marriages. And his current wife, Mealania Trump is his third wife. But, does that mean we’ve got three First Ladies of the United States? Well, according to Ivana Trump, President Trump’s first wife, we just might. Ivana Trump was President Trump’s first, and longest yet, wife. The two were […]

Bikers often find themselves saying how they’re much more at risk on the road than fellow motorists. And even the folks who don’t ride like to keep rubbing in our face how dangerous the thing we love so much is. However, what most people, including riders, may not realize would be the magnitude of the […]

The Cossacks MC and the Bandidos MC are the two dominant “one-percenter outlaw motorcycle gangs” which run in Texas. Needless to say, the two clubs have a rivalry. The Cossacks have been around in Texas, ever since 1969. However, they never claimed it as their territory in their bottom rocker, for a very long time. […]

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