Fingerprint sensors have been around on our phones for quite a while now. However, they’re yet to make their debut into mainstream automotive offerings. Until a decade or two ago, a fingerprint sensor was something one mostly saw in Sci-fi flicks. But, the future has arrived. This company has come up with a fingerprint-based starter […]

Harley-Davidson is facing some of its worst time in recent history with declining sales, unfavorable governmental action, weak financials, and massive recalls. However, that hasn’t dampened the spirits at Milwaukee or among Harley-Davidson dealers. They’re all set to sail the ship through these tough waters. And Boswell’s Harley-Davidson is working just for that. EagleRider is […]

It’s become routine for us now. Every other week, we have to share with you guys a story that makes the future of Harley-Davidson darker. The 115-year old motorcycle manufacturer is facing some challenging times, that put its very survival in question. After a slew of recalls and declining sales, we have this! Motorcycling is […]

When one hears of the words “Harley-Davidson” an electric motorcycle is perhaps the last thing that comes to mind. However, with the unveiling of the LiveWire prototype some years ago, Harley set out to change that. And since then, the guys at Milwaukee seem to be working hard to make Harley’s foray into electric a […]

Thanks to Science, future cars will have this new amazing technology that can help save motorcyclists’ lives. The technology which is essentially a lane-splitting detection system will primarily be deployed on autonomous vehicles. The engineers used a combination of video cameras and microphones to sense approaching motorcycles. After the system helps the vehicle detect a […]

Back in the 1950s, every motorcycle there was on the market came with a set of wheels having wire spokes. By the 1970s, however, things were different. A lot of the newer models, then, started coming with alloy wheels. Cut to today and most of the motorcycles on the road sport alloy wheels. However, “most” […]

I love to share stories like this. Stories of good-hearted patriot citizens coming together to do great things for our soldiers and vets who put their lives on the line to do great things for us! And it’s all the more amazing if it’s a surprise! And that’s what Staff Sgt. Billy Grube got. Sgt. […]

Mayans MC is one of the most-anticipated shows of the years for bikers and non-bikers alike. The show is a spin-off from the cult Sons of Anarchy and if first looks are anything to go by, it’s going to be GOD DAMN AMAZING!   Sutter has been releasing teasers about the show since months now. […]

In a rather unfortunate incident, a tractor-trailer carrying over a dozen Indian motorcycles went up in flames in Madison County. The truck was traveling on I-10 when the incident happened. The Madison County Fire Rescue and the Florida Highway Patrol responded to the scene. The incident took place on February 22 around 11:00AM near the […]

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