Till about a decade ago, the thought of Indian motorcycles competing with Harley-Davidson in terms of sales and market presence was nothing but laughable. For anybody who knows the history of the brand, this was nothing ironic and sad.   Indian Motorcycles was America’s first registered motorcycle manufacturer.   Yes. Indian has been around for […]

Thanks to the painting tools and techniques of the day, there’s practically no limit to the design and graphics you can get painted on your bike today. Of course, the only limiting factor is creativity. But that’s something these guys have in abundance! The guys at Snake Charmer Choppers were contracted by apparel brand Ed […]

For all the amazing fun motorcycling is, there are a bunch of dangers to riding the two wheels. And when we mount the saddle, most of us are mindful of these dangers but chose to ride anywhere. However, there are some things that can happen which you just CAN’T expect! And that’s what happened with […]

Lamborghini, today, makes some of the fanciest and most expensive sportscars and supercars money can buy. However, Lamborghini hasn’t just made cars in their history spanning several decades. And we aren’t talking about the Lamborghini Urus SUV. We aren’t even talking about the Lamborghini tractors. We are talking something that hits it much closer to […]

In the past few months, we’ve done a number of features on how things are not going for Harley-Davidson. Numerous major recalls, declining sales, and the shutdown of their Kansas City plant are just some of the woes that have hurt the Harley bottom line severely. And recently, we reported yet another storm the Milwaukee-based […]

One of the worst feelings for a biker is having their motorcycle stolen. It’s not just a loss of money, but the loss of something that symbolizes a lot of cherished memories. Something we hold dear. However, unfortunately, only barely half of stolen motorcycles make their way back to the owner in the US. Most […]

Paul Teutul Sr. is undoubtedly one of the most popular custom bike builders in the country, and perhaps the world. The owner of Orange County Choppers was a daily attraction for a good 10 years, as Discovery Channel cameras rolled through his shop to film their reality drama, American Chopper! However, when the show ended […]

Back in 2017, when Kurt Sutter announced that a Sons of Anarchy spinoff was on the cards, we couldn’t be happier. With the launch of the Mayans MC edging closer, we thought we couldn’t be happier. Turns out, we were wrong! American Chopper, the next best biker drama, after Sons of Anarchy is set to […]

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