In a bid to help the domestic Steel and Aluminum industry, President Donald Trump proposed imposing tariffs on the import of these two vital metals. Steel and Aluminum are heavily used in the automotive industry, and by manufacturers like Harley-Davidson and Indian.   The President announced a tariff of 10% on imported aluminum and 25% […]

The world of MotoGP is a fascinating one. Motorcycle riders race at speeds most people can only dream of. It takes an immense amount of skill and patience to be able to ride a bike at the world’s premier pro motorcycle racing tour.   Racing in the MotoGP isn’t obviously a job without its risks. […]

Indian Motorcycles is no Harley-Davidson, but that isn’t to say they aren’t any less of an American legend as our beloved Harley. And another unequivocally “American” legend is Jack Daniels, the whiskey of choice for a lot of American men (and women)!   Being the symbols of America isn’t the only common thing between the […]

Till about a decade ago, the thought of Indian motorcycles competing with Harley-Davidson in terms of sales and market presence was nothing but laughable. For anybody who knows the history of the brand, this was nothing ironic and sad.   Indian Motorcycles was America’s first registered motorcycle manufacturer.   Yes. Indian has been around for […]

Thanks to the painting tools and techniques of the day, there’s practically no limit to the design and graphics you can get painted on your bike today. Of course, the only limiting factor is creativity. But that’s something these guys have in abundance! The guys at Snake Charmer Choppers were contracted by apparel brand Ed […]

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