At Life Of a Rider, we repeat the same thing often. And that’s because, how many number of times we say it, it’s still not sufficient: Motorcyclists are the most vulnerable motorists on the road. And it’s the duty of every fellow motorist to ensure their own safety and that of others on the road. […]

The Hells Angels in today’s day and time is known as one of the most notorious motorcycle clubs. With over 2500 members spread across hundreds of chapters in the US and abroad, the Hells Angels is one of the biggest motorcycle clubs. The United States Department of Justice has classified them as an organized crime […]

Donald Trump is arguably the most loved (and the most hated) Presidents of the United States in a long time. While there’s hard to put a label on those who have admiration for the President, but there are certain trends that I’ve observed. Most, if not all, of the Harley-Davidson owners I’ve met in the […]

Harley-Davidsons are amazing bikes. They’re great to look at. And they’re even better to ride. However, they are pretty heavy bikes. They’re not the kind of lightweight 250cc plastic fairing bikes that even a kid can handle. They say “Bite only as much as you can chew” and I guess somebody needed to tell that […]

As an avid rider, one thing that pains me the most about riding is not the dangers involved. But, being seen as a criminal. I could still somehow come to terms with ignorant normal folks buying into media-created prejudice and stereotypes about bikers. However, when its the law enforcement that gives us step treatment, it […]

“Never judge a book by its cover!” This is a saying that is immensely true for bikers. Especially for those who wear colors. Most of these guys are big guys with long bears, leather jackets, and tattoos. And while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with dressing like that, a lot of people fear them for this […]

At Life Of a Rider, we have quite the issue with bikers being seen as criminals unnecessarily. The problems all the more worse for those of us who wear colors. Of late, we’ve seen quite a lot of incidents completely opposite the public perception, though. We’ve seen a number of incidents where cops and members […]

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