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President Donald Trump has had three marriages. And his current wife, Mealania Trump is his third wife. But, does that mean we’ve got three First Ladies of the United States? Well, according to Ivana Trump, President Trump’s first wife, we just might. Ivana Trump was President Trump’s first, and longest yet, wife. The two were […]

Bikers often find themselves saying how they’re much more at risk on the road than fellow motorists. And even the folks who don’t ride like to keep rubbing in our face how dangerous the thing we love so much is. However, what most people, including riders, may not realize would be the magnitude of the […]

The Cossacks MC and the Bandidos MC are the two dominant “one-percenter outlaw motorcycle gangs” which run in Texas. Needless to say, the two clubs have a rivalry. The Cossacks have been around in Texas, ever since 1969. However, they never claimed it as their territory in their bottom rocker, for a very long time. […]

When I was a kid, I was always told, “Always where you are going”. When I started riding, I was always taught, “Always look where you are going”. The same teaching is given in one’s life for a number of times. And there’s a good reason for it. I can’t even begin to count the […]

Let’s be honest. Who doesn’t like to admire beauty? Find me one straight man in this world who wouldn’t want to look at a pretty woman, and I’d give you a thousand dollars right then and there! However, just like everything else in life, there’s a place and time for everything. And, “on the road […]

For newbie riders, the vast sea of terms and concepts of the motorcycling world can be a little too daunting. In fact, such is the diversity in motorcycling, that even riders who’ve been riding since years aren’t aware of the finer differences between things. If you aren’t part of one, don’t have a buddy whose […]

We’ve seen quite a lot of interesting footage of people on Harley-Davidsons going against stuff. We’ve seen Harleys go up against supercars, Harley go up against sportbikes, and what not. And more times than not, Harleys came out as the winner, when nobody thought they would. However, this is the first time we have footage […]

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