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Harley Davidson has started teaching riding skills to people in order to attract customers. The sales of Harley Davidson are apparently declining and efforts are being made to boost sales and expand dealerships. Initially, it was started with just 50 locations which have expanded to 245 dealerships at present in the U.S. Some of the […]

A tough biker has terrified the Islamic State terrorist group (ISIS). The organization is so serious about this issue that they are trying to stop him. This biker from Colorado wants to stop the organization and has succeeded in creating a terror in their minds. Till now various groups from America has tried to do […]

Some people may just be a part of our lives through the screen only, but at times it seems so real that you want to know everything about them. They relate to these celebrities and unknowingly they become a part of your lives. Nowadays with internet and development in technology, fame has become fast-forwarded too. […]

A former employee of Harley Davidson store at Fargo was laid off when he bought the same brand from another store. He took the issue to the notice of the public with the help of a whistleblower hotline. He wanted to spread awareness about the rule that the locals didn’t know about. At the time […]

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