Suzuki DRZ400 Challenges Harley Davidson in a Street Race

It is always fun to watch races and it rarely happens that they are being denied by a person. Who doesn’t want a little thrill in their lives and that too when it comes in the form of races? We may criticise the riders involved in the race, but still we want to be a part of the fun and feel that rush. It doesn’t matter what the competition is for, it’s always fun to be its part. The high-speed action involved in these races is necessary every once in a while to bring a spark to life.


This video shows an awesome race in the streets of New Mexico. The race is between two very interesting bikes. These bikes are Harley Davidson Dyna and a Suzuki DRZ400. The two riders are seen having some fun on their bikes before the race begins. The fun level reaches another level after the race starts.



There was a really tough competition between the American and Japanese bikes. But as the race neared its end, it was pretty clear who would win the race. Well, watch the video to see who wins it and keep making your guesses as it goes on.

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