Freak Accident: Guy Swerves To Save A Dog And Ends Up Crashing His Motorcycle, Shooting His Balls Off, And Getting A Heart Attack!

Some people have not-so-good luck. Some people have bad luck. And then, there are people like Rolando Trinidad. This one’s without a doubt the freakiest accident we’ve ever reported on the blog, and it blows our balls away! Well, not literally. But, Trinidad did! One night Trinidad was riding down a highway on his motorcycle. I’m sure when he mounted the saddle, he was well aware that he could be struck by a texter, hit an animal, or have his eyeballs covered in spiders. Those are some of the things riders are always prepared for. But, I’m sure, he never thought that something so bizarre could happen with him.


On the highway, he encountered a dog.


He swerved his motorcycle to save the dog. Now, that’s a good deed, and you’d expect the guy to get some good karma for it. But, I guess, he just had some gypsy curse on him. He lost control off the motorcycle and headed straight for a crash.


He was wearing a gun on his waistband, and it wasn’t going to make things better for him at all.


By some weird accident of fate, as Trinidad crashed his motorcycle, his gun went off itself. Yeah, as if a motorcycle crash wasn’t bad enough, this happened. And that’s not even the worst part. It’s only starting to begin here. The gun somehow fired at an angle that his own gun shot him right in the balls!


The bullet entered “near his testicles” and then exited through his right buttock!


So, the guy literally blew his balls and a$$ off! Of course, that kind of a stuff is going to freak the balls off a guy. In his case, literally, and figuratively. And it didn’t end here. The shock from all of what happened caused a heart attack!


He was taken to the Eastern Bicol Medical Center.


One would think that after something like this, the guy wouldn’t make it. But I guess, the grim reaper had other plans for him. Maybe the curse was “just to blow his balls off” and not to end it for him. Because, he survived. Yeah, he came out alive. Authorities looking into the matter, however, realized that his gun was illegal and unregistered. We don’t know if he was prosecuted for this, but I really wish they give this guy a break after all that happened with him!


Moral of the story? Never ride with your gun on your waistband. And buy good quality guns that just don’t fire off on their own and shoot you in your own balls!

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