Watch a Harley Davidson rider Fly 500ft Above The Ground!

Harley Davidson certainly gives a lot of confidence to its riders. Only brave hearts can have the courage to ride a bike. This rider became so confident about himself that he tried to do something really daring with his bike. Well, you will be completely amazed after listening what he did. This Harley Davidson rider decided to fly on his bike. And this happened for real. It’s not just a dream or something to laugh about. You have to watch this video to see the magic this rider created with his Harley.

You might have seen a lot of people paragliding. Paragliding in itself is a sport that needs a lot of courage. But this rider took paragliding to another level. He took his Harley Davidson bike along with him and they both went souring through the sky. You would believe what you just read, so why don’t you watch it yourself. This is truly miraculous and happening for real.

You must be truly thrilled after watching the video. Well, the biker took all safety precautions before trying it out. We strongly recommend you not to try this as it is really dangerous and not a child’s play. If you liked the post, share it with friends.

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