Bikers Respond to Man Who Said Church Is ‘Lame’

No matter how much we say that bikers are nice gold-hearted people, there’s no denying that a lot of them can be a bunch of scary-looking intimidating dudes. Especially, if you happen to come across them in a club. A bunch of these bikers draw to this office dawned in their leather on their Harley-Davidsons. When they enter the office, we can hear whispers like, “Get down”.



And that’s when all of them stand by the desk of this one woman who’s busy watching her birthday video with earphones on. One of them has a baseball bat in his hand, and it looks like he’s just about to take a swing at something.


At this point, you would think they’re out for some bad business.


Then, one of them taps this woman on the shoulder. He asks her, “Coming to church?” And just as the woman replies, there’s a voice that comes from the cabin inside. The man yells, “Church is lame”. And that’s when you see that these bikers aren’t just bikers. They’re true blue Christian bikers! They’ve got crosses tattooed on their forearms, they’ve got crosses on their patches.


Thinking it was some random guy in his office who talked about church, the boss walks out with a smug look.


And that’s when he realized who he had said this to. Before you cook up stories in your head about what happened next, give the video a watch and check it out. Don’t forget to share it with everybody you know so the next time they remember this when they come across a scary-looking biker!


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