Biker Slams Cops with “I Don’t Stop For Cops” Sticker And Then Proves it!

Riders are pretty cool people who like to do something different once in a while. This rider was really bored so he did something really funny. You wouldn’t be able to stop yourself after seeing what he did. The biker slammed a hilarious sticker on the cops’ car and then fled the scene. Well, the rider surely got some courage.

Now you all must be wondering what was so funny about the sticker. The sticker said, “I Don’t Stop For Cops”. The rider has a really good sense of humor. He stuck to his words and did what the sticker said after slamming it on the car. After slamming the sticker, he fled on his bike so fast that no matter how hard the cops tried, they wouldn’t be able to catch him. But we are not sure how things ended. But you need not worry at all. All you got to do is watch this video to find out what happened.



You must be laughing really hard after watching the amusing actions of this rider. Share with friends and make them laugh a bit. Have you ever been challenged to so such thing? Well, you got some good ideas now. but just don’t end up getting in trouble.

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