Video: Easiest Way To Ruin A Motorcycle When Loading It

Loading a motorcycle can be a tricky business. We’ve all either been there or known someone who’s tried to get his motorcycle on his pickup and had to move mountains just to get it there and then off! These guys are out for a much bigger challenge.They have to move a motorcycle from the dock to a boat. The boat isn’t nearly as close to the dock as you’d want it to be. And there’s no crane or ramp to make the task easy. So, they decided to come up with their own great idea to make the move.

They take two wooden planks and decide to use them as a bridge to make the move.


That sounds pretty good in principle. But just about anybody who’s done that before, knows that this can be a very stupid option if the plank isn’t first secured properly on both ends. But, stupidity seems like these guys’ specialty.


With very little of the plank on the dock, they begin to move the motorcycle on the plank.


As two guys push the motorcycle from the behind, two others pull it from the front. And a whole lot of other people stood at the dock for some sort of “emotional support”.



Obviously, you didn’t need all so many guys. But, I guess, all of them wanted to be part of the brigade that moved a motorcycle from the docks to the boat!


It isn’t long before it all goes down the water. Figuratively, and literally!


The bike has its tire in the middle of the crevice that formed between the two planks. And then, one of the planks just slipped from the dock.



It’s no surprise that it took the bike and the guy with it! We don’t know what happened with these guys afterward, but I’m guessing a few broken teeth was the least they got! Of course, that, and a ruined motorcycle!

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