Best of Both Worlds – This Motorcycle is Powered by Bacon

Whenever you call a motorcycle a “hog”, you’re most certainly referring to a Harley-Davidson. A lot of people would mind any other motorcycle being called a hog! But I’m sure, this is one motorcycle that deserves that name despite not being a Harley! The bike is a creation of Hormel! No, we aren’t talking about some custom bike builder. We’re talking about the Hormel you’re used to seeing on supermarket shelves.


The company that sells a bunch of foodstuffs, including bacon. The company that brought microwave bacon to the market back in the 80s!


The slick-looking bike was featured in a documentary called “Driven by Bacon”.


Now, if you’re wondering why would you feed your delicious bacon to your motorcycle, don’t worry. The bike doesn’t want the bacon on your plate. It runs on biodiesel fuel which is derived from bacon grease.


The result? Well, the bike gives out bacon-scented exhaust fumes!


Now, whether that’s a good thing or bad, we’re not really sure. On the one hand, it’s great when you love the smell of bacon, which obviously you do. On the other, this thing is going to constantly make you hungry! I don’t know about you, but when I’m stuck in traffic at the freeway, not having had anything to eat since hours, not being able to make an exit for a dinner in the next half-an-hour, the smell of bacon is the last thing I want around me!


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