Wife Forces Husband to Sell Custom 300HP Motorcycle He Built Himself to Renovate The Living Room

If as a biker, you ever need an argument against marriage, this is it. When you marry a woman, you don’t just agree to share your life with her. You agree to share your money (and bikes) too! And that doesn’t go down well for a lot of us! It certainly didn’t for this biker from Blackburn in England. Tony Raynor is the boss at Abbey Telecom and he’s a biker with deep pockets.


He likes to splurge on his bikes, and his wife doesn’t. According to the eBay advert posted for his 299BHP Triumph Rocket III Roadster, the way it works in his marriage is that he gets a new motorcycle and his wife gets a new kitchen!


And apparently he spent several kitchens on this monster!

“The selfish git has spent several kitchens turning this into an overpowered drag sofa. It is actually only 299 hp at the back wheel but that is more than enough to cure the most rigid of constipations.”


The advert, posted by his wife, Alison who wants to “pimp” the lounge with the proceeds she gets from selling the poor man’s bike. Which, by the way, is going pretty cheap for the monstrous power it churns out. At the time of writing, the eBay Ad had been viewed over 6000 times, and highest bid stood at £10,000 ($14,000).


Alison very clearly doesn’t trust her husband to sell his dear bike.


Of course, how can she! She’s made sure that she’s the one who the buyers get to first.


“Message me and I will reply with the imbecile’s phone number so that you can speak your endless drivel together.”


To this, one of the commenters said,


“Let’s be honest now, wives don’t usually know the first thing about the bloke’s bike, let alone where he got the paint done.”


And Alison was an absolute savage in her reply to him!


“I know where the pathetic imbecile got everything done because he schlepped me around the country buying the useless nonsense.”


She also has a message for married men. She doesn’t want them to bother.


“so as to quell the screams of their soon be ex-wives.”


What do you think about this? If you were in Tony’s place, would you rather get rid of the motorcycle, or the one who’s making you sell it? Share with us in the comments section below!

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