Putin’s Angels: Russia’s Most Infamous Motorcycle Club That is Backed By Putin!

We’ve said this before, and we’ll say it again, Russia is a land of the weird. Once a superpower in the world, Russia is now reduced to a country with the economy of a developing nation but with the military might of a developed nation.


Corruption is rampant across the country, and President Vladmir Putin isn’t the man not to blame for it.


The President has been known for his show of machoism, from flying fighter jets to fighting bears. So, when the President took a motorcycle ride with the “Night Wolves” for the first time in 2009, it wasn’t all that surprising.


However, since then, the association of the two have grown much closer.


The leader of the club, Alexander Zaldostanov, was awarded a ‘Medal of Honour’ by the President for the “patriotic education” he was imparting in the society. The Night Wolves apparently rode through Ukraine and delivered aid to Pro-Russia rebels. A report by RollingStone even claims,


The club has reportedly received more than $1 million in grants from the Kremlin to support patriotic performances like the Sevastopol bike show.On several occasions, Putin himself has famously mounted a three-wheel Harley and ridden alongside the Surgeon. In 2013, Putin awarded the Night Wolves’ leader an Order of Honor for his “patriotic education of youth.” In June, the Russian press announced a cosmonaut would carry the club’s flag into space. Putin, according to Mark Galeotti, a Russia expert and NYU professor, turned the club into “auxiliaries of the state” as part of a broader push to turn potential adversaries into compliant allies. However true, these assertions shed little light on how a once-countercultural motorcycle gang has come to wield a position of such power and prominence in modern Russia — and, now set loose, what it hopes to achieve.


For Zaldostanov, Ukraine is a part of the “Russian world”.


He doesn’t agree with the deunification of the USSR, and for him, it’s still one country. He wants things to be back the way they were, for Russia to return to its times of prosperity. And he thinks Vladimir Putin is the man to make that happen!


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