Joke: These NY Girls Thought They Could Embarrass This Old Texan Lady – But Her Comeback is Absolute Gold!

One fine day, this 70-year old Texan lady had come to New York to meet her granddaughter. The granddaughter had been a New Yorker all her life, and wanted to give her granny from the country a taste of the opulence of the big city. She invited her to some fancy restaurant in some fancy shopping center.



As the old lady gets on to a lift, a hot young woman enters with her. She looks at the old lady. Takes a whiff of the air, looks at the old Texan lady, and in a condescending tone, says, “Romance By Ralph Lauren. It’s $40 a bottle! But, I guess, you wouldn’t know!”



The old Texan didn’t say anything. A little while later, the elevator opens up again. Another hot young woman enters. This one again takes a whiff of the air. Looks at both these women in the elevator, and in a condescending tone, says, “Chanel No 5. $100 a bottle!”



As the elevator closes and begins to move up again, the old Texan lady looks both these women in the eyes.



And then she farts the most horrible suffocating smell ever. She then says, “Broccoli. It’s $2 a pound!”


That’s why you never just take an old Texan to be just another old geezer with no wits!

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