Dirty Joke: This 15 Second Alzheimer’s Test is a Must For Everybody!

You may not want to accept it, you may not like it, but you can’t even run from it. As you get older, more than just the number of candles on your birthday cake change! Your body starts to give up. You aren’t as energetic anymore. There’s a lot of stuff you can’t do anymore. And there’s a whole bunch of diseases and disorders that can hit you. And we hate to say it, but some of these “old-age” diseases can hit you even in your 30s and 40s!



One such disease is Alzheimer’s. One of the common symptoms seen during the onset of Alzheimer’s is a reduced ability to recall words. Words that came to you in a snap just years ago, may not come so easily now. So, here’s a 15-second test you can take to see if you’re one of the unlucky ones who may be beginning to develop Alzheimer’s.



Just look at the below words, and fill in the blanks. If you take more than 2 seconds to guess the word, you may want to visit a doctor. So, here you go..


1. BOO_S
2. S_X
3._ _ NDOM
4. PU_S_
5. F_ _K
6. P_N_S



And here are the answers:
2. SIX


You got all six wrong, didn’t you? Don’t call your doctor just yet. Unless you took more than a second to complete any of it, you don’t have Alzheimer’s. You’re just a pervert!

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