Motorcycle Rider Miraculously Survives After Being Run Over by Large Truck – Dash Cam Captured it All!

Recently we shared the video of a motorcyclist who slid under a semi and came out alive. We were shocked and overwhelmed by the sheer luck of the guy. And today, we have perhaps an even more shocking video.

In the previous video we saw, the biker never really “hit” the semi.

He just slid off under it. However, in the video we have today, this biker was actually hit by a truck! The video was caught on the dashcam of a man traveling in a car behind the moped rider.

It was somewhere on the icy roads of the Nanling County in the Chinese province of Anhui that the incident happened.

The moped driver very clearly is riding on his side of the lane. He isn’t overspeeding or anything. But, moments into the video we see that a truck is coming on the wrong side, heading straight for the rider. The truck wasn’t even “just outside” the double yellow or anything.

It was traveling completely into the oncoming lane of traffic.

Given the icy roads and the size of the truck, it’s no surprise that neither the truck nor the moped could stop in time. The rider tried to brake hard, but that only caused him to slip and fall on the road, right into the path of this massive truck.

The truck hits the rider and his moped, as the rider’s helmet flies off!

Yet, the rider somehow made out alive out of this! We wish him a speedy recovery, and wish that the trucker spends a good number of years behind the bars to realize the loss he may have caused that day!

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