Mayans MC Gets One Step Closer To Production As Kurt Sutter Tweets New Pic!

Back in 2017, when Kurt Sutter announced that he’ll be coming up with a sequel of Sons of Anarchy, we couldn’t be happier. SoA is undoubtedly the best biker drama there ever was, and the Mayans MC promises to be no less.

Sutter is a master storyteller and Mayans MC is only a part of Sutter’s universe!

Not so long ago, Sutter revealed his plans wherein he wants to tell his story over a course of four series. The first was Sons of Anarchy, second in the Mayans MC. And if he gets his way, there’ll be two more!

Some time back, FX ordered a 10-episode season of the Mayans MC!

And after a reshot pilot and moments where the show’s future looked shaky, we finally had confirmation that we WILL see another Sutter drama soon! The show is all set to premiere this fall. And as we inch closer, the cast and crew, and most noticeably Sutter himself, keep posting teasers and other stuff to keep the rage going!

This time around, Sutter has tweeted a pic of Emilio Rivera leading a pack of bikers!

Rivera, so far, is the only cast member from the original SoA who has been confirmed to be a part of the upcoming Mayans MC. Rivera played the part of Marcus Alvarez. Alvarez was the founder of the Mayans Motorcycle Club. Based out of Northern California, where SoA was set, Alvarez would be making a move to the California-Mexico border in the upcoming show!

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One thought on “Mayans MC Gets One Step Closer To Production As Kurt Sutter Tweets New Pic!

  1. John Rider says:

    Why would you let this POS Sutter have another show, can you see the kids protesting gun violence??? This guy Sutter is making a lot of money pushing his agenda of gun-porn violence on our society, he is evil. Please do not watch these shows that make shooting and killing people seem cool, it is anti-social, and one of the reasons our schools are getting shot up!

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