Former Bandidos Member IDs Current Bandidos As Gunman in Hells Angels Killing in Court

In the past few months, we’ve done a number of features on how law enforcement agencies around the world have been coming down strong on the Hells Angels. However, as it seems, Hells Angels isn’t the only large one-percenter club facing bad times.

Bandidos MC is in deep trouble.

Just days ago, we had reported how two of the most senior Bandidos MC members in the country under trial. And how their own were the ones putting the nails in their coffin. And today we have news of yet another Bandidos MC bigwig turning on his club brothers.

Bandidos MC’s former National president Jeffrey Fay Pike had apparently ordered the killing of a Hells Angel.

The orders were apparently passed down by the then Vice President John Xavier Portillo to kill Anthon W. Benesh III. This was the testimony given by Johnny Romo, also known as “Downtwon Johnny”, Bandidos MC’s former national Sergeant-at-arms. According to Romo, he and his brother along with several other Bandidos MC members went to Austin to kill Anthony. Other than his crew, Portillo took another crew which was to hunt down another Hells Angels.

The Hells Angels members killed were apparently displaying the Angels’ colors in the middle of Bandidos territory.

When the incident happened in Lone Star State in 2006, the erring Hells Angels members were apparently given extensive warnings by the Bandidos, but they didn’t comply.

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