Young Biker Almost Died After Riding Motorbike With Headphones, Let This be a Warning For All.

You look at an earphone, and you think what can ever go wrong with them. You never use an earphone with caution like you would a knife or a blade. But, guess, maybe you should.

16-year old Bradley Willoughby learned it the hard way!

The young biker from Queensland in Australia was wearing his earphones while riding. Despite his young age, he’s had a very decent amount of experience. In fact, he was practicing motorcycle jumps at his family farm when the incident happened.

He lost his balance and landed awkwardly.

The fall jammed the throttle and flung him straight into the barbed wire fence of the farm! Bradley’s stomach was slashed and the ankles broken. But these weren’t the things that “almost” killed him.

It was something stuck in his neck!

When his father came to his rescue, he noticed that Bradley’s earphones had entangled in the fence and had slit through the boy’s neck muscles. What people don’t realize is that beneath all that rubber on an earphone wire, there’s a copper wire. A copper wire that almost cut Bradley’s trachea!

Bradley also broke his fibula and tibia. After several surgeries and months of rehabilitation, he could finally get back to normal.

So, the next time you think about riding with the earphones in, you probably want to think about this incident!

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