Media Tried to Set up Trump at Harley Meeting, But His Comeback Left Even His Haters Howling

It’s hard to remember a time when the media has been so desperately trying to pull down the President of the United States. Unlike other countries, the President of the United States is generally very accessible to the press. In the past few years, the press has been increasingly using its liberty to treat presidents in a “less-than-dignified” manner.

With President Trump, however, the press has hit a new low!

Ever since his Presidential campaign in November 2016, the press has been desperately trying to pull down a man who’s just a true American at heart!

Last year, President Trump, along with Vice President Mike Pence, met the folks at Harley!

President Trump was meeting with the riders, the union leaders, and the executives of Harley-Davidson. It was in furtherance of his “America First” agenda. The President just wanted to ensure that Harleys continue to be manufactured in America, and the American legend, indeed, stays American!

This reporter, however, didn’t spare the opportunity to take a jab at the President!

As the President was leaving from the meeting held outdoors, this reporter asked, “No ride, Mr. President?” She probably wanted to show how the President couldn’t or wouldn’t ride a Harley like millions of Americans do! She probably thought that she had the President.

But, she couldn’t be more wrong!

President Trump owner her, instead! The President replied,

“Boy, would you like to see me fall off one of these.”

He got her back so much that even the media who generally likes to just hate him, had to burst into laughter!

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