Dude Loses Control Of His Motorcycle And Goes Into A Death Wobble Before Sliding On The Highway!

Harley-Davidsons are generally considered pretty solid and stable motorcycles. There’s a lot you can do on Harleys and not any of the crotch rockets. Unlike a lot of the other bikes on the road, Harleys really hold themselves to the tarmac.

Riders trust their Harleys with their lives!

However, in the past few months, we’ve seen Harleys suffer from some fatal flaws. Not so long ago was the issue of several Harley models have their brakes prone to total failure, without as much as a warning light!

And this one’s just all the worse!

We’re yet not sure what’s the cause of this “death wobble”, but whatever it is, it’s frightening. This video we have today was shot by a woman in a car on her smartphone. The guy on the Harley got onto the I-80E in Sacramento (California). As he merged into the highway, the woman saw his bike shake and wobble!

The shaking and wobbling happened almost 5-6 times over a span of 5-10 miles!

The woman saw the driver “almost” lose control all these times. The rider, however, probably trusted his Harley way too much, and continued to ride. Finally, the woman decided to whip out her phone because she figured it was “only a matter of time before he crashes”, and needed the video as evidence, just in case anybody else got hurt!

And just as she got the phone out, the final wobble happened!

This one was way too heavy for the rider to get back control from. The biker shakes, then wobbles, then does a full 360-degree spin, and finally crashes with the guy sliding on the tarmac. The guy’s face was badly smashed, his nose was broken, his arms were covered in blood, and he suffered some rather nasty road rash! So, the next time something like this happens with you, pull over immediately. Trust your bike, but not this much!

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