Car Almost Hits Motorcycle, Instant Justice When Biker Waves in Backup

Car drivers can be an arrogant bunch of people. Most of the ones who drive recklessly and negligently, putting our bikers’ lives at risk don’t even realize their mistakes.

However, there are some, who do realize their erring, but still choose to be arrogant about it!

And those are the ones I hate the most. This woman in the video, driving a Honda Civic, is one of such kind. The biker was traveling on a two-lane road behind a trailer when the woman merged into his lane.

And then she tried to cut him off in a rather dangerous manner!

When the biker didn’t budge, the woman had no option but to slow down and let the biker maintain his position. But, obviously, the biker was pi$$ed at her for pulling a stunt like that.

So, he asked her to pull over.

The biker gave her a good crisp lecture on how she was wrong. But the woman just wouldn’t accept her mistake and wouldn’t apologize. Obviously, the biker couldn’t do much beyond this, so he decided to just ride away.

However, as God had it, the biker would get some instant justice!

Just seconds ahead, the biker sees a police car parked in a lot by the road. The biker reaches out to the officer and tells him about the incident.

The officer was more than happy to help teach this woman a lesson.

The officer told the biker to follow him. Within half a minute, they catch up to the woman. The officer has the woman pull over and gives her two tickets! One, for an unsafe lane change, and the other for passing on the right. The tickets totaled to somewhere between $200-300!

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