Jihadist Kills Biker’s Son, So He Jumps on Motorcycle and Takes 4,000 Mile Trip

Losing a son in his youth is any parent’s worst nightmare! For the brave parents of the brave sons and daughters of this country who fight at the borders and beyond for our freedom, these nightmares don’t take long to become reality.

Andrew Pedersen-Keel was a member of the U.S. Special Forces.

He had enrolled right after the 9/11 attacks at West Point. His love for his country was truly commendable. In 2013, he was posted in Afghanistan, where he worked with local communities and Afghan soldiers. He, along with other members of the Special Forces, trained these locals to better equip them to fight with Islamic radicals who’ve taken over the peace of the country, and the world!

Unfortunately, on his very first day on station, he was gunned down b a Jihadist!

Andrew’s death was a time of grief and pride for his family. On one hand, the family had the pain of losing their young son to these terrorists. And on the other, he died fighting for our freedom! While millions of patriot Americans hold events to honor our fallen soldiers, there’s still a lot of space for more!

So, Andrew’s stepfather came up with a “radical” idea of his own to honor his son’s memory!

He decided to make a 4,000-mile trip on his Harley-Davidson to Arlington National Cemetery from his hometown in California. The ride is a powerful way to show his support for his son and the thousands of other men and women who stake their lives every day for our freedom!

And this isn’t all what Andrew’s family is doing for his and our soldiers’ pride!

They, in fact, run several foundations and charities in his honor. They consider this just a “small” gesture, in comparison to the sacrifice made by their son and the countless other American heroes! What do you think about this ride? Would you care to join? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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