Top 5 Ways to Know If Your Bike Exhaust is Too Loud

It doesn’t matter what we ride, we, bikers, just LOVE the sound of our exhaust. Whether it’s the sound of the Ninja or the thump of a Harley, we just love our bike’s sound! And many of us want to hear it louder than the factory guys made it! And that’s when we turn to after-market exhausts. Some of us do it so car drivers would notice our presence because we believe “loud pipes save lives”, while others do it just for the fun! However, sometimes, we can go a little too overboard with it. Here are 5 ways you can tell if you went overboard!

1. The NFA Is After Your A$$

“Noise Free America” is a non-profit that works to make America quieter. They have a problem with everything loud that’s out there in the open environment. Car alarms, leaf blowers, loud exhausts, all of it is stuff they just hate. They’ve got local awards they give out to noise polluters. These awards don’t really do anything, just let you know that you may be in someone’s poop list!

2. Law Enforcement Knows You!

If you’ve ever gotten a ticket for being “too loud”, maybe you are. Most enforcement officers wouldn’t ticket you if you’re JUST a little above the stock noise. However, if you’re just TOO loud, they ARE going to give you a ticket. While the exact decibel definition of “too loud” may vary across towns and cities, there’s a general rule of thumb. If they can hear you from 50 feet at freeway speeds, or feel you’re “uncomfortably loud” with their windows rolled up, they’ll cut you a ticket!

3. Your Neighbors Hate Your Bike And You!

This one’s a little sketchy. Many of us have our neighbors hate us even on stock pipes. This one largely depends on what kind of neighbors you have. But, if you’re the “loud one” of the entire neighborhood, the guy who young mothers hate because they have to cover their children’s ears every time you pass, the kind dogwalkers hate because dogs go mad when you pass, the kind who gets angry looks from the old man picking up the newspaper from his yard, then you’re probably “too loud”!

4. You Get Dirty Looks All The Time!

Now, I’m not talking about the hot kind of dirty looks the chic by the side of the road gave you that day. What I’m talking about is, people around you on the road, whether it’s at the signal, or through your neighborhood, always having an angry face! Now, I know a lot of people are a lot of angry these days, but not everybody, all the time. I’ve got to say your exhaust is a just a little “too loud”!

5. Your Ride Has Been Vandalized

Now I’m going to give this a pass if your neighborhood has a bunch of crazya$$ teens who don’t know the difference between pranking and criminal damage. But, if you’ve got your adult neighbors throwing eggs, scratching paint, tearing leather, and pushing down on your bike, then, I guess, your bike is a little “too loud”!

Which of this has ever happened to you? Did you ever go back after going “too loud”? What kind of exhaust are you using on your bike? Let us know in the comments section below.

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