Bikers Take Girl to Prom After Dad Passed Away

At Life Of a Rider, we talk a lot about how Harley-Davidsons are a symbol and legacy of America. Of how Harley-Davidson embodies the spirit of freedom, the spirit of America! And quite often, we see Harley riders across the country do absolutely commendable things. Today, however, there’s a little change of address. Our story for today IS of Harley riders. But, not from America. But, all the way from across the pond, in the UK!

15-year old Elle’s father was a Harley enthusiast.

He’d love to dawn his leather jacket and ride his bike down the roads. However, not so long ago, he met a tragic accident. He was hit by a bus and died consequently. He is survived by Elle, his wife, and his two sons.

With her father’s death not so long ago, her prom wasn’t really as happy as any girl’s should be!

So, these Harley riders decided to make things better for her. A lot better! As many as nine of them rallied outside her house on the day of her prom. They had her wear her father’s riding jacket. Her helmet was fashioned with a prom crown. And they gave her a ride all the way till her school! Elle’s mother said:

“Jonathan would have loved it and he would have been so proud because she was so happy.”

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