Bikers in Heaven – JOKE OF THE DAY!

There was a major accident at a major charity run of Harley riders. Hundreds of good-hearted bikers died that day. And all of a sudden heaven was flooded with these new biker entrants.

Just days later, Gabriel was really troubled by how these guys were behaving. So, he went to God to complain.

“God, these bikers are wrecking some serious havoc. They refuse to follow any of the rules.”

“They’re swinging on the gates of heaven.”

“One of them has taken my horn.”

“They refuse to wear the robes, and are all wearing tshirts.”

“They’re spilling barbecue sauce everywhere.”

“They insist on taking their hogs everywhere they go!”

To this, God said, “Gabriel, my child, they are BIKERS! You wouldn’t expect them any other way! Heaven is the home to all my good children, and they are my good children. If you’re worried by this, try calling up Devil, and you’ll know what real problems are!”

Gabriel leaves, and makes a call to Devil. He had expected Devil’s grand scheme would be working all fine. So he asks, “How are things down there? All according to plan?”

The devil asks him to hold the line for a minute. He comes back and says, “Yeah, what were you saying?”

Gabriel says, “How are things..”

The devil interrupts, and again puts him on hold. This time for a good 5 minutes.

He comes back and says, “Yeah, sorry. What were you saying?”

Gabriel replies, “Is everything even ok..”

Devil again leaves the call. This time he returns after a good fifteen minutes. He picks up the receiver and says, “God damn it, Gabriel! These bikers are such a pain in the posterior!”

Gabriel asked, “What? What did they do?”

“They’re installing air condition in here, so they keep putting off the fire!”

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