For Scientific Purposes: 8 of the Hottest Chicks on Bikes

Women and motorcycles are the two best things that ever happened to “men”. And when you combine the two, it’s absolute magic. I have no inhibitions in admitting, that if there’s one thing that’s truly hot in this world, it’s a hot woman on a motorcycle.

There’s something about a biker chic or even just a chic next to a motorcycle, that accentuates the beauty and appeal of both these amazing objects of a man’s fantasy!
For science, we compiled together these 8 hot babes next to 8 hot motorcycles!


They say Ducatis are some of the hottest bikes on the planet. This one just got hotter!


A black American beauty with another black American beauty. What’s more American?!


Because you’ve got to compensate for the full fairing somewhere!


Riding in heels. Because why not?!


The bike you ride when she texts, “I’m alone”


Okay, she’s got to be the hottest one in this list!


Not sure which of these I want to ride the most!


Who says a girl needs squats for a good booty? Just hop on to a bike like that, and that’s all the workout you’re gonna need!

Which of these beauties did you like the best? Got any better than these? Share with us in the comments section below.

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