Video: Here Are Top 5 Stupid Things Harley-Davidson Riders Do!

Harley-Davidson riders are a class apart in the biking community. There’s something about riding a Harley-Davidson that’s so much more different (and better!) than riding anything else.

Now, I’m not saying Harleys are the best bikes in the world (But, they are!), or that there are no other good bikes, or that Harley riders are better than other riders. I’m just saying, they’re a class apart. Harleys are the preferred choice for most vets, for a reason!

However, all that class still doesn’t make the absolute best riders there can be. There’re a few things that pretty much common to most Harley-Davidson riders you’ll come across. And not all of them are great.

Some of them are plane-jane stupid. And that’s what this YouTuber, who has a channel named “CycleCruza” is out to list. It’s a great watch, and we highly recommend it. How often do you see Harley riders being this kind of stupid? Do you agree with this guy? Let us know in the comments section below.

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