USA Today: The Motorcycle Industry Isn’t Dying

This might come as a shock to you as the Bloomberg has announced the demise of the motorcycle industry, the USA Today is celebrating the joy of a growth of sales in the motorcycle industry.

The key to this statistic is the female riders. However, the USA Today admits that there is a decline among the more traditional motorcycle brands, it reports that the ridership is still on the rise. They have stated that the total motorcycle registrations almost doubled over the period of fourteen years from 2000 to 2014. The Motorcycle Industry Council has stated that the many of the registrations belong to women in that period. They stated that there were only 8% of women who owned a motorcycle in 1998 by that went up to 14% by the year 2014.

Total U.S. motorcycle registrations reached 8.4 million in 2014, almost doubled the number since 2000, according to the Motorcycle Industry Council. And many of those registrations belong to women. In 1998, only 8% of motorcycle owners were women. By 2014, the most recent year in which the council has statistics, female ownership had increased to 14%

Now we know that 1% of growth in women motorcycle owners is not enough to save any industry in decline but it is a start and with the big brands in the motorcycle market looking to reinforce their already existing line of motorcycles to offer, one can be hopeful that the next generation does not let the amazing world of motorcycles slide into a thing of the past.

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