Police Respectful at Outlaws Funeral After Media Reports Public Outrage

Very recently, we had reported the story of a Florida Sheriff using the murder of biker, Paul Anderson, a veteran and also an Outlaws MC member, to tarnish his memory and spread unnecessary hysteria against bikers.

The NCOC had issued a press release strongly condemning the Sheriff Nocco’s profiling of bikers and his statement over this biker’s death. The biker was shot, while in his car. And the Sheriff commented, “Sometimes bad things happen to bad people!” This press release was picked up by local news channels which obviously enraged a lot of people, like it did us.

After this, the Sheriff got in line, and acted the way he should have, since the very beginning. He had earlier said that hundreds, maybe even thousands of bikers will come from across the country and create havoc. He said that his department will target these people for the tiniest of mistakes, since they were all criminals.

However, by the time of the funeral, he got respectful. He was quoted as saying:

“There is going to be overwhelming law enforcement presence. We are going to make sure there is peace. We are going to make sure everybody abides the traffic laws. There is not going to be blocking traffic, if people are running a red light, they are getting a ticket.”

Consequently, his department didn’t indulge in any sort of profiling as he had earlier suggested. They were completely respectful during the funeral. Here’s a first-hand account of the funeral from a certain Bobby Colella.

What do you think about how the department reacted after their initial statements? Do you think there should be any action against the Sheriff for how he spoke about the murder of a citizen? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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