Nebraska May Be Close To Repealing Motorcycle Helmet Law

Nebraska is almost about to repeal one of its law which states that the motorcycle helmet is compulsory for all riders. This might happen finally after 2 whole decades of debating between the lawmakers where on one side, they are arguing that it contradicts personal freedom and on the other side people are saying that it is needed for the protection of the people who want to ride motorcycles.

Senator John Lowe, of Kearny, believes that they finally have enough votes in order to overthrow this filibuster. There will be three separate votings required, the first of which will take place on this Wednesday. If there is a scenario where the repeal is successful and passes, it will make the state of Nebraska the 32nd state which will not have a universal helmet requirement for the people who ride motorcycles. Out of the 32 states, 28 states require some riders to wear a helmet and 3 others including Iowa, New Hampshire, and Illinois have no laws regarding helmets whatsoever.

This helmetless version of the bill proposed for the state of Nebraska will, however, require the motorcycle riders to wear some sort of protection for their eyes but will be eliminating the mandatory helmet for the people who are 21 or older. However, children under the age of 6 will not be allowed on the motorcycle completely.


Let us know in the comment section where you stand with the mandatory helmet law.


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