Joke: Woman Gets Her Revenge on her Ex-Husband And His Young Girlfriend in the Most Amazing Way!

Women can be the nicest creatures, and the most devious. That’s why you just be nice to them and expect them to be the former. Frank didn’t understand that, and probably never will.

He had been married to his wife Janice for a good 15 years. When in their mid-40s, none of them looked as pretty as they did when they were young. So, Frank being Frank, decided to seek that youth elsewhere.

He found it in his hot 25-year old secretary. He was a baller, and the secretary a gold digger. It wasn’t hard for Frank to get what he wanted. After 2 years of having an affair with the much younger Anna, Frank divorced Janice.

Anna had already demanded that they live in the big house where he had been living with Janice since the past 7 years. Frank had some pretty good lawyers, and again, he got what he wanted. The big house, the hot young girl, and his not-so-young wife out of it.

But Janice wasn’t going to anywhere without a revenge. She got just a week to leave the house. After she got her stuff packed and moved to her smaller new house, she sat on the dining table for the one last time. She had a dinner by herself, had some wine, and then sewed in shrimps in each of the house’s curtains. And then, she left.

The next day Frank moved in with Anna. The next few days were a lot of naked walking around and crazy sex for them. Until, they suddenly started smelling something horrible in the house.

At first they thought it was some dead rat. They looked around and around but never could find anything. They called the pest control, but again, nothing. They did everything but nothing. And the smell just worsened over the weeks.

Finally, they made the call, and decided to sell the house. No buyer was interested in their smelly house. So, they kept lowering the price, until their price wasn’t even 30% of the market value. And still no takers. Eventually even real estate brokers stopped picking up their calls.

And then one fine day, somehow Frank thought of Janice, and giving her a call to see how she was doing. Somewhere along the conversation Janice told him how much she missed the house, and wished she had gotten it in the settlement.

Frank being Frank, decided to rip her wife off again, just once more. He offered the house to her at half the market price. And, she agreed. In the next few days, they did the paperwork.

Frank and Anna called the packers and movers. They packed all their belongings. Set them up in the new house. And the last things to go were those curtains!

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