Joke: 83-Year-Old Makes An Indecent Proposal to the Lady – Her Reply is Priceless!

Richardson and Isabelle lived in the same 55+ neighborhood. They had a pretty nice clubhouse where a lot of these old folks hung out every day. The two had become good friends over the past few months, as both of them had moved in together. Isabelle actually got a crush on Richardson, but wasn’t sure how to get things started.

So, one fine afternoon, while they’re playing checkers, Isabelle says all of a sudden, “You know what? I’ll let you do me right there on that rocker, if you give me $50!”

Richardson is looking at her with surprise. But, Issabelle had more to offer. Perhaps because $50 wasn’t just what she was looking for. “I’d even take you to my house and do things you’ve always wanted!”

“And.. for $200, I’ll cook you a nice romantic dinner at my place, and then spend the whole night with you doing things you’ve only imagined till today!”

Richardson immediately whips out his wallet, and hands her two $100 bills. Isabelle thinking that her approach worked, said to him, with a glare in her eyes, “So you want the whole romantic package, don’t you?!”

To this, Richardson says, “Get your act together lady. I’m having 4 rounds right there on the rocking chair!”

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