A 1960s Style Tutorial For Men On How To Ride Bitch On An Another Man’s Motorcycle

In today’s funny episode, we bring you some of the most important information on how to ride bitch! For those unaware of the terminology, when a male is sitting in the rear seat of the bike and another man is riding the bike, that phenomenon is called as ‘Riding Bitch’.

Here we look at a video which depicts the humorous tension and moments that are bound to happen if you are a passenger on your buddy’s bike and filmmaker, Alex Vivian has found an extremely funny way to portray those moments.

Alex Vivian, the filmmaker has created an extremely helpful tutorial in the 190’s style for men with helping them on how to ride bitch on an another man’s bike and it is hilarious. This video has got a voice over which narrates the whole 1960’s style video and we just can’t stop laughing.

Take a look at the video below and look as to how to ride bitch which is portrayed beautifully by Jimmy and Jose. At the end, you might not be surprised as it frequently happens with almost all the bikers. Make sure you share it with your biker buddies and have a good laugh about it.


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