Why Harley Davidson Motorcycles Are So Very Loud?

A lot of us have been riding Harley Davidson motorcycles for most of our lives and at some point in life, you might have thought as to why do the motorcycles produced by Harley Davidson are so loud in comparison to other brand motorcycles.

The following video in this article is an episode of an informative series hosted by Simon Whistler, Today I Found Out. In the video, Simon explains as to why exactly are the Harley Davidson motorcycles so famously loud and how a lot of people modify their Harley Davidson motorcycles in order to make them even louder.

Simon also gets into the current situation where there are potential new laws which might seem to dampen the famously loud sounds that come from the motorcycles manufactured by Harley Davidson. Have a look at the informative video below and you might get to know some facts about your beloved Harley Davidson motorcycle that you might have missed after all these years of owning the bike of an iconic brand.

Let us know in the comments section if you think something needs to be added to the video and how you feel about potential laws which might decrease the sound your bike makes.


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