Man Drinks Motor Oil – But it’s For a Cause And You Will Agree With Him

Sometimes, in life, you have to stand up for what you believe in. Sometimes, you have a point to prove and you might be ready to go pretty far to prove your point. Here we have a video of a savage individual who has witnessed a situation that has to do with something about a pipeline and how it could contaminate the water with oil and that is not the issue, the issue for this gentleman is the protestors who are destroying private properties in the name of peaceful protesting and making it more than it is according to him.

Instead of going out to the protestors, this guy decided to take things to another level and instead of talking, which he thinks will not make a difference in the thinking of the protestors, what looks like an unopened container of motor oil he opens it and chugs it in front of the camera to actually prove that nothing happens if you some oil gets into your system, we do not recommend doing it yourself.

Watch the video below to see for yourself as this brave individual gives a shocking reply to the protestors, to say the least.

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