Outlaws MC President Killed by Rival Club in Florida, 3 Arrested

In a case where the President of a motorcycle club was killed by the members of a rival club, three bikers were arrested by the authorities. The incident occurred when there was a fight between two rival motorcycle clubs and Cross Bayou Chapter of the Outlaws motorcycle club’s President was brutally murdered.

Paul Anderson, 44, the President of the club, was killed by multiple shots by the rivals at a stoplight, Suncoast Parkway exit ramp, Pasco County. The accused were arrested within 24 hours of the killing.

Chris Nocco, the Sheriff of Pasco County, said that the witnesses of the murder described it as some killing in a movie scene. It was 4:53 p.m. when the incident took place on Thursday. The accused are the members of the 69’ers, the motorcycle club. Two of the accused were riding a motorcycle, while the third one was in a scout vehicle.

The bikers pulled up alongside the truck of Anderson and one of them tapped on the window of the truck to draw his attention. Then Anderson was shot by Christopher Brian Cosimano, 29, the president of the 69’ers, the motorcycle club.

Michael Dominick Mencher, 51, the other motorcyclist, did not shoot Anderson. He was only there to help in case something went wrong. Allan Burt Guinto, 26, the third member of the club, was present to ensure a clean getaway.

The surveillance camera recorded the motorcyclists in action. It also recorded the picture of their bikes with “cracker bolts” symbol that was associated with Nazis.

Mencher, also called “Pumpkin”, was arrested on Friday morning in Tampa. The arrest was recorded live by WFLA News Channel 8. Guinto, also called “Big B”, was arrested the same day. He had a beating in the bar by the members of the rival motorcycle club. Cosimano was arrested in Hillsborough County on Friday. All of them have allegations of first-degree murder.

Nocco has given the warnings for more violence in the area and huge chances of retaliation. The motorcycle club members all over the country are aware of the incident and will be soon in Florida. The citizens must ensure their safety and report anything mysterious to the authorities. Measures are being taken to ensure the safety of innocent people.

Anderson was the president of a motorcycle club that has around hundred members. They include people such as lawyers, nurses and various other professionals.

Watch the press-conference video here!

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