Monthly Archives: December 2017

We all have seen cops perform the most daring acts and do everything that they have to in order to protect the violation of laws and safety of the nation. However, this lady cop cannot even control her bike. We wonder how she would be able to control the criminals and take charge of them. […]

Fans of Son of Anarchy be prepared to hear an amazing news. Charlie Hunnam could be back on the show. Jax Teller, his character, has committed suicide as shown in the finale. But his fans need not worry as it was revealed that he might be back. Charlie Hunnam has recently gone for a hiking […]

In this crazy unfair world, we sometimes think if there is any good left in this world that we live in. with all the horrible things happening, it is hard to imagine there are any hopes to cling on to. However, whenever we have these thoughts we always stumble upon something so beautiful that it […]

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