Noise Free America Putting An End To Motorcycle Rallies?

In the past couple of years, these liberals have been trying to take over the things we hold so dear. They’re destroying America as we know it. In their awes and cries for freedom, all they’re doing is just taking away our freedoms.

And now this maniac group called ‘Noise Free America’ is hitting us, motorcyclists, right where it’d hurt the most. Motorcycle rallies are something every true biker attends and looks up to. It’s that time when we ride along with our buddies, party, and have the absolute best time.

The bigger rallies go on for days and obviously require a place to setup shop for all-late night partying and fun. Towns like Sturgis open us with wide arms and we love them for it. In return, they get to build up their economy and businesses.

For instance, Sturgis is a small town of 7,000 people, but the annual Sturgis rally sees over 100 times as many riders flock the town for a week. When the town’s not hosting the ride, pretty much of it is busy organizing the next one! That’s basically how the town runs!

However, these evil folks at ‘Noise Free America’ in collusion with local media are spreading pieces critical of the town councils and mayors who allow the riders in their towns for such rallies. And they’re using some rather scathing words like “thugs” and “wimps” to describe Harley riders!

What’s even worse is that The Morning Call is following up on this crap and going against the riders on this one! What’s your take on this? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: MorningCall

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