Furious ‘Biker’ Forces Man to Take Off Sons of Anarchy Vest Because ‘He Didn’t Earn It’

Bikers who ride with clubs know how seriously clubs and their members take to someone riding with their colors without being a member.

The colors, or the vest with a full patch, is something that has to be earned. It takes members months, sometimes years, to become a full-patched member of a motorcycle club.

However, I guess you can only “earn” something that’s real. We wouldn’t ever defend a biker trying to pose as being part of a real club when they’re not. However, when it comes to sporting gear from shows like the Sons of Anarchy, even the ‘Sons of Anarchy Colors’, I don’t think anyone really needs to “earn” that.

This man was dawning a ‘Sons of Anarchy’ vest at a gas station. Apparently, his girlfriend had gifted it to him. And then, this furious biker showed up. He kept telling the man how he didn’t earn the vest, and therefore, couldn’t wear it.

He also suggested that if this guy was to run into “guys that do ride for real clubs”, he’ll probably get beat up for wearing that SoA vest, without having earned it.

Finally, the man in the vest gave up, and removed it. Do check out the video! What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments section below.

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