Monthly Archives: October 2017

Usually when we see some idiot or squid pulling reckless stunts on public roads, it’s on a crotch rocket. But, this guy is different than your typical squid. Of course, he’s just as stupid as the rest of them, if not more. This particular squid was spotted east of New Orleans in Louisiana on the […]

So, when Arthur Davidson died, he obviously went to heaven. After all his invention let so many of us bikers see the joy of heaven, here on Earth itself! Right at the gate, St. Peter welcomed Mr. Davidson, and told him, “Since you’ve been a good gentleman and made something the mankind loves so deeply, […]

At Life Of a Rider, we have this ever-pending complaint with the Police. The fact that many of their officers indulge in discriminatory profiling against motorcyclists. A lot of policemen see every biker in the same light. And that’s one of being a crook. We often blame their prejudice and the one-percenters for this unfair […]

If I had a dollar for every time I knew a veteran buying a Harley-Davidson, I’d probably have the Harley-Davidson Road King by now. Harley-Davdisons and Veterans go together like.. well, Veterans and Harley-Davidson! It’s no surprise to anyone that these bikes are nearly always the preferred choice for our patriots. But, why IS that? […]

Dirtbikes aren’t the easiest things to ride. Certainly not if you try taking them to terrains much beyond your skill and reach. But, when does a lack of ability ever stop a newbie?! Today, we have this really funny compilation of epic fails on dirtbikes. Some of them are plane ol’ noob, where some women […]

One of the sad realities of our time is that children don’t always realize the hardships their parents have suffered for them. It isn’t surprising, that in the absence of that realization, youth today doesn’t feel the need to give back to their parents. However, the world’s not that bad after all. There are still […]

With the advent of smartphones and high-speed portable internet and a plethora of other technologies, the past few years have seen a cultural shift at a rate never seen before. Motorcycles have been around for over a century, and generation-after-generation has loved to ride them. However, the recent trends across the youth shows that they’re […]

Police profiling of motorcycle riders isn’t something that’s unheard of to any rider. In the U.S., we come across a lot of incidents where bikers are harassed by the police unnecessarily, just because we ride two wheels! And if you wear colors, I don’t need to tell you how often that happens. As it turns […]

Diesel engines may be really popular in cars. However, they haven’t found much of acceptance among motorcycle manufacturers. Nearly all motrocycles you can buy off the shelf today come equipped with a petrol engine only. However, that isn’t to say that customizers and builders haven’t given the diesel power to motorcycles. Diesel Engines are known […]

The Harley-Davidson V-Rod is as controversial as a Harley can get. While many people like the bold stance of the bike, others think that it’s not a true Harley. The engine the in V-Rod isn’t mounted at the typical 45-degrees as is in rest of the Harley-Davidson models. This is why the V-Rod doesn’t have […]

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