The Secret World of the Hells Angels Has Finally Been Cracked Open

The Hells Angels is one of the largest outlaw motorcycle clubs in the World. The club has a very strong presence in California and other parts of the United States and Canada. In addition, it also has members and chapters in United Kingdom, Australia, and several other countries.

As much as a biker gang, the Hells Angels function like a big corporate. They have trademarks, registered businesses, copyrights, and a proper hierarchical structure.

There are also tags given to special members for certain special “accomplishments”. Members get to wear a patch saying “Filthy Few” if they’ve done something extremely violent, like murder. While some get to wear one saying “Dequaillo”, if they’ve assaulted a policeman.

Here’s how the Hells Angels are structured, from top-to-bottom:

1. Hangaround

These people just to get hang out around the real Hells Angels at the club’s functions, clubhouses, and clubruns. They aren’t officially members, and thus can’t even attend official meetings.

2. Prospect/Nominee

If a hangaround is found to be good enough, they can be sponsored by a full member to become a prospect. Members stay at this stage for 12-24 months, during which period they do menial things like bartending, running errands, club security, etc. They don’t have voting rights, but get to wear a bottom rocker, instead of the entire three-piece, patch.

3. Full Member

Full Members of the club vote for a prospect to be accepted as a full member after he completes his qualifying period. A strong majority is required for a prospect to be accepted. A full member can wear a full three-piece patch. He now has the right to attend meetings, and even vote.

4. Road Captain

He organizes the “runs”, which are mandatory club rides. Coordination of route, logistics, and negotiations with rival motorcycle clubs to pass through their territory are the things looked after by this guy.

5. Secretary and Treasurer

The post may either be held by 2 individual members, or by a single member. Responsibilities include managing the club’s financial affairs and keeping minutes of the meetings.

6. Sergeant At Arms

He’s the guy responsible for the overall security and discipline. He can seek consent from the President to use violence against a member and is also the one who coordinates attacks done on rival clubs.

7. Vice President

Supports the work of the President and acts as the President in the President’s absence.

8. President

He’s the head of a chapter and everybody in the hierarchy report to him directly or indirectly. He has veto power over the decisions made by members at a meeting.

The President, Vice President, Sergeant at Arms, Secretary and Treasurer, and Road Captain are all collectively called as the Office Bearers. The Hells Angels have such office bearers for every chapter of the club. Officer Bearers may chose to wear or not wear their designation on their patch.

Apart from these designations, there are other tasks carried out by various members which may place them above in hierarchy, whether officially or not.

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