Do You Meet The Hells Angels Membership Requirements? Check Out Now…

To start off, let’s make it clear, that at Life Of a Rider, we do not endorse any outlaw motorcycle clubs, biker gangs, or the one-percenters. We think they’re the reason all of us get a bad name, and we really hope they weren’t around at all.

But, as long as they are, there’s nothing wrong in fancying on becoming a member of one, as long as you’re actually not becoming one! So, just in case you were curious, this is how you become a Hells Angels member…

1. The Personality

If you found this article by googling “How to join Hells Angels”, let me break it up to you buddy. You’re not really cut out for it. The one-percenters demand for a very peculiar sort of a domineering and badass persona from a person in order to induct them. Had you had the personality, you’d probably already have a buddy in one of the outlaw clubs if not the Hells Angels.

2. Harley-Davidson

Owning and riding a Harley-Davidson is an absolute must in order to be a Hells Angels member. While wearing the club patches, they don’t allow any rider to ride anything else, even if the person doesn’t like Harleys and would rather hop on a Boss Hoss! Buells are also allowed.

3. Ride Often

Owning a Harley-Davidson alone wouldn’t cut it. Once a member of the club, pretty much your entire life revolves around it. You’ll be expected to do all your commutes on your Harley, even the out-of-town ones. So, if the “Harley rider” lifestyle is not for you, the Hells Angels lifestyle is certainly not for you.

4. The Club Comes First. It Is Your Life.

No matter whether you have another business, job, or not. The club should always come first. It’s the thing above the rest. Members are expected to show at all meets, and if you miss several, your dedication towards the clubs comes under serious questions.

5. Leaving

If you’re thinking of joining the Hells Angels as “one of those things you did”, don’t. The general rule is that you join for life. You never leave. And if you try to leave/escape, things CAN get nasty. Really nasty. You “may think” of leaving only after you’ve given years of service to the club. In which case too, you’ll have to return all your patches to be allowed to exit.

Other Requirements

Historically Hells Angels were strictly restricted to white men. However, several US chapters now have some Hispanic and Native American members as well. Anybody’s yet to see an African-American Hells Angels member in the U.S. However, the international chapters of the club are a bit more open on the race front. People of mixed races, and even blacks have been known to be part of several international chapters of the Hells Angels.

Phases of Membership

Once you seek to join, you’ll start out as a “Hang-Around”, where you’ll just get to meet other members. Then, you’ll become an “Associate”, where you’ll be allowed to attend events, etc. Then, you’ll become a “Prospect”, where you’ll be able to attend quite a lot of events, and where you’ll really be “evaluated” of your worthiness. And only after this, do you get to become a “Fully Patched Member” with voting rights et al. The process generally takes several years.

Would you ever want to join? Is there any other requirement that we missed? Let us know in the comments section below.

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3 thoughts on “Do You Meet The Hells Angels Membership Requirements? Check Out Now…

  1. Terry says:

    Actually missed quite a few. You basically give up your life to the club .When they call you all .Pretty much a love of drugs helps .You must be willing to become a criminal. To be a hitman if ordered.

  2. JG says:

    Ya an you don’t start as Hangaround. Hangaround is a official title before prospect associates are really just friends nothing important a Man states his intentions to the club at a meeting (church) then the club decides if your gonna start as hangaround because everyone know you or a friend to get o no everyone first the next step after hangaround which could b a year in sum charters is prospect you get the bottom rocker of your state an charter on the left chest with that comes responsibility because your representing the charter so for a year minimum you run around meeting other prospects doin crazy shit around the world goin to party’s mostly standing guard outside bars an Clubhouse’s then finnally after the minimum of one year they could put u up for vote to get full patch at that point the work really begins an your life starts to suck cause you thought it would b easier an fun but more responsibility an more politics lol it sux don’t do it i kno

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