5 Things To Keep In Mind When Motorcycle Group Riding

Motorcycling is a culture, and one of the great joys of this culture is group riding. It’s a great feeling to venture out the open roads with your buddies from the bar or the club. However, all that added fun doesn’t come without any added responsibility. There’re a few things you must do before a group ride, and here are the tips you need!

Pre-Ride Meeting

Every group has riders of varying experience, skill, and likings. It’s best to meet up before the ride and averages out the things. Go over the course of the ride, stops, signals, and other things. It’s necessary so that no rider ends up getting confused in the middle of the ride, or worse, doesn’t break away from the herd.

Also, the best place to do it is a cafe or a coffee house, and not your bikes with your engines in throttle.

Riding Order

Every pack needs a leader. You may not be an organized club, but you really need somebody to lead a ride and somebody to tail it.

The lead rider looks out for the dangers and obstacles ahead, navigates, and sets the pace. Generally, the most experienced of the lot takes the place.

The tail rider, on the other hand, keeps note of whether everybody is riding along the pack. They’re also to keep an eye on the “outlaws” of the group doing things that can put others in danger. This guy also needs to be really experienced.

The novices ride behind the lead and the ones with more experience ride at the behind. This is to ensure that the pros don’t just forget about the novices and head on to their own journey.


Always carry the essentials. Every rider should have their own supply of water, basic tools, and device chargers. Additionally, one or more people in the group (depending on the size of the group) should be designated to carry several other things like sunscreen, medicines, flashlight, duct tape, and a first aid kit.

Riding Formation

One of the things that make riding in a group dangerous is too many bikes riding close to each other. Fortunately, there’s a pretty easy way around it. And that’s called the Stagger. The way to do it as described in the schematic below. It is essentially riding as if a perfect zig-zag line would form if all riders were to be connected by it.

The group leader is supposed to stay at left in the front. While approaching curves or in poor road conditions, a single file formation may also be used.

Riding beside each other is dangerous. This is so because in case an obstacle comes on the road and you swerve, you’ll end up hitting the person riding beside you.


The purpose of a group ride is for the entire group to ride together. But out on the road, that’s not always practically feasible. Some of the group may get left behind due to a light or some idiot driver that cut off at the wrong moment. If you got left behind, don’t just speed up aggressively. Just head to the next stop at your comfortable pace. Or maybe, have it decided in the pre-ride meetup for the rest of the group to stop as soon as possible, when anybody is left behind.

We hope you’d remember and follow these things for your next group ride. Is there any other important aspect that should be looked before going to a group ride that we missed? Let us know in the comments section below.


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