Monthly Archives: September 2017

What’s one thing we always keep telling you folks here at Life Of a Rider? To ride safe. To wear proper gear. To not be a squid. And we aren’t the only ones out here doing this. Nearly every rider in their right mind and even a minuscule grain of concern for fellow bikers tell […]

The Hells Angels is one of the largest outlaw motorcycle clubs in the World. The club has a very strong presence in California and other parts of the United States and Canada. In addition, it also has members and chapters in United Kingdom, Australia, and several other countries. As much as a biker gang, the […]

Bikers are among the most prejudiced folks on the planet. The moment somebody sees you walk down the road in your leather, having gotten off your Harley, you’re almost an instant criminal in their eyes. Especially more so, if you’ve got some ink on you. And, if you’ve frequented Life Of a Rider enough, you […]

Thanks to popular media, non-riders have quite a negative prejudice about bikers. And God forbid, if you’re part of a motorcycle club. If you ride something like a Harley and dawn colors, nearly the entire neighborhood already sees you as a criminal. But what is it like living next to an actual outlaw one-percenter biker? […]

Many people think that most bikers are up to no good. Especially if they’re big, have long beards, dawn colors, and drive bikes like Harleys. And they can’t be anymore wrong. Certainly not enough with bikers like these. This girl was an innocent 10-year old when trauma began in her life. Her stepfather started to […]

At Life Of a Rider, we love to report stories of bikers doing good deeds. And fortunately for us, it isn’t really a particularly hard job! There are just SO many nice souls out there who ride, that they make our job really easy for us. Every day we come across of amazingly nice gestures […]

We bikers absolutely hate it when people stereotype all bikers into one fit. And that’s for two reasons. One, every individual is different and nobody likes to be generalized. Two, that stereotyping is generally as an outlaw or an irresponsible person. And 99% of aren’t that person. Nobody likes to be called a criminal, especially […]

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