Bikers are Being Arrested for Wearing Bandanas; Here’s Why

It has been reported that in the recent past, as many as 17 arrests have been made in this regard. Bikers in the State of Louisiana have been arrested for wearing bandannas while riding.

Many bikers around the country prefer to wear bandannas while riding. And we see it as nothing but a targeting of motorcyclists’ rights and freedoms, when they are prevented from wearing bandannas.

Not all the 17 cases of arrest reported have been confirmed yet. However, at least, one arrest has been confirmed till yet. This biker was arrested on the November 8th, 2016. He was on his way to speak at a Confederation of Clubs and Independents in Alexandria. As a result of the arrest, he not only missed his opportunity to speak at the conference, but also missed the opportunity to vote in the 2016 National Elections!

He was stopped on the pretext of a traffic violation. However, the arrest was made under an “Anti-mask Law” in force in the state. He was allegedly in the violation of State Code LSA-R.S. 14:313. This law is apparently in place to prevent people from concealing their identity in public. As many as 15 states have such general “anti-masking laws”, which can be used to harass motorcyclists!

We think it’s a gross violation of the rights of the bikers. What do you think about it? Let us know in the Comments’ Section below.

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  1. That’s just ridiculous… ok, how’s this then Muslims have to take off there curtains! When they do then maybe we will….

  2. So I have COPD and wear a dust filter bicycle mask while I ride my motorcycle…..and they would arrest me for that… That will be one court hearing I want to see happen….. I would run it through the system and make it cost them a lot before I would let it go and then file harassment and targeting charges….It will be fun…

  3. Personally I think it looks stupid and a lot of guys wear them to look tough. But I know some people that wear them because they have allergies. So I say leave them along unless they are wearing them during the commission of a crime.

      • You don’t often encounter bugs, sand, road dirt, gravel and cold wind coming at you at 60+ MPH when you’re just walking around, and when people do, guess what? They cover their faces! I personally wouldn’t be seen wearing one of the weird, cartoonish skeleton or clown bandanas that are popular with kids today, IMHO, you just look like “Trying too hard to look tough” but refined personal taste, like character is a difficult thing to teach people.

  4. if u dont wear a helmet like i do, the assholes should know its worn for protection from bugs ,dirt , rain n wind! fuc them fools!

  5. your voting is skewed I do not know if I am voting for it or against it very much against it if the Muslims can remained covered then riders should be able to wear a Bandana….oh it’s the Muslim religion …….you think biking is not a religion ?

  6. HB 161: Signed by the Governor became Act No. 295. Effective date: 08/01/17. This law amended RS 14:313 to exempt persons while riding or driving a motorcycle. A.B.A.T.E. of Louisiana, Inc. members and others assisted in this great piece of legislation that protects all motorcyclists. This is only the first step of the anti-profiling bill that will be presented in the 2018 legislative session. You too can help fight for your Freedom of the Road by joining us, memberships are available on-line @
    BRICK, State President ABATE of Louisiana, Inc.

  7. I think this is Bull, some bikers have allergies or other health risks that require them to wear a bandana. Also so easy times its a little chilly on the bike and it keeps your face from freezing. As a biker I think this is a messed up law just to harass us. I understand people hide their faces to commit crimes but what crime is a biker doing just riding. And what about all the Muslims that hide their faces every day!!! We hide when we are riding not all the time. And what about people in cars? Cops can’t completely make out a description of the person by just glancing. All I have to say is this is bullshit!! So if I wear a full faced helmet is that ok?? Cuz that covers my whole face!! I really think this so called law needs to be revamped!

  8. I have two sons who are bikers. I back them up 110%. This is nothing more than targeting a group of individuals for a “different lifestyle’, who is composed of many, many different of men, and women, from many walks of life. It’s a ridiculous and frivolous law for the government to stick their nose in and try to control us. It is not acceptable!!!! Something must be done about it. If someone wants to wear a bandana while they ride why does it automatically mean they’re hiding their identity? Screw those laws and the cops enforcing those laws. Bikers, I bet, outnumber cops anywhere. Stand up, peacefully, of course, to get this taken care of.
    Ride on and bless y’all!!!!

  9. A hellofalot of us that ride long distance wear a mask or bandana to keep the sun and wind from burning our faces. Many of us ( me) wear a thin long sleeved shirt to protect our arms … that’s what the shirt is designed for. Now here is an absolute fact … if I ever get stopped for that I will sue the crap out of the cops AND the state! If Muslims can wear a burka there then ANYONE can wear a mask providing they’re not breaking any laws (other than their so called anti-mask law). I have a very good attorney and he just happens to ride a Harley right along with us … and wears a “mask” on long rides. That law is nothing short of harassment aimed specifically towards bikers. I respect GOOD cops and they had better show me respect in return. This is NOT China or Russia.

  10. The bandanna is ppe not a mask soo cannot be banned. Safety equipment is outside appearance codes provided it is removed on request for identification purposes

  11. Just another way cops can harass bikers.They have no Balls so they hid behind the badge. If you get arrested for this BS get a lawyer and fight it. You can win it..

  12. Not the best day for me to even post since I’ve been on a FUCK THE POLICE kick for a good hours or more. Chicken shit bastards and this new STAND DOWN policy while people are getting their asses kicked, and the pigs do nothing but stand there and watch. BUT back to the bandana shit, nothing but bullshit.
    SO these fucking Islam cunts can wear full covering except for their evil eyes showing huh, and we can’t wear a bandanna? I haven’t but was going to start wearing one because of the sun since I don’t wear a helmet, never have, never will.
    Dumb bastards and their law to control us. Check this out.

  13. Don’t allways blame the cops, Most of them are good guys! A lot ride too!
    Blame the politicians! They are the ones drafting and passing these STUPID laws,
    Just to make a name for themselves!!!
    The cops HAVE to uphold these laws, Even if they disagree with them.

  14. If they are going to arrest Bikers for wearing these then they need to arrest every Woman wearing the Head garbage the Muslims wear to hide their Idenity as we Know they do it to hide.Bikers do it to keep bugs out of their face and Mouth.

  15. They need to start arresting muslim women thy have their faces covered all the time I mean whats the difference the face is still covered, we a man under that dont know it could be a man under that mask they wear.

  16. so let me ask this if thats the case that means a muslim lady walking the street and has there face covered should be arrested to is this gonna happen whats fare is fare its the law that also means if there is any protests in that state and antifa shows up there will be alot of arrests there because them cowards are covering there faces so i ask is it only for bikers ? does that fucking law in the books say this only contains to people riding motorcycles ? come on people isnt that racial from our are should i say there goverment

  17. Am I going to get arrested too for mowing the lawn with a respirator or bandana because I have asthma. The people who make up these stupid laws have nothing f****** better to do

  18. I wear one to protect my face! And not breathe exhaust fumes! If they pull you over and you are not wanted? They should let you go! This is B.S! Leave us alone.

  19. I wear one to protect my face! And not to breathe in the exhaust fumes.if you are stoped and not wanted? They should let you go,this is not Wright. Why do they have to keep screwing with us for no reason? A lot of us do good things for others.

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