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  • The Most Pathetic Motorcycle Crash We Have Ever Seen

    There are moments in life that you just know are stupid blunders and they do not mean anything and do not affect your life in any sort of way. However, if that moment is ever captured on video then boy oh boy the anxiety clouds are on you. Something similar is happening in today’s video here. […] More

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  • Suzuki DRZ400 Challenges Harley Davidson in a Street Race

    It is always fun to watch races and it rarely happens that they are being denied by a person. Who doesn’t want a little thrill in their lives and that too when it comes in the form of races? We may criticise the riders involved in the race, but still we want to be a […] More

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  • Freak Accident: Guy Swerves To Save A Dog And Ends Up Crashing His Motorcycle, Shooting His Balls Off, And Getting A Heart Attack!

    Some people have not-so-good luck. Some people have bad luck. And then, there are people like Rolando Trinidad. This one’s without a doubt the freakiest accident we’ve ever reported on the blog, and it blows our balls away! Well, not literally. But, Trinidad did! One night Trinidad was riding down a highway on his motorcycle. […] More

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  • Foxy Biker Grandma Gets The Most Incredible Makeover!

    Back in the 80s, Lisa was a sexy biker girl. Ever since she was a young woman, to this date, Lisa always prioritized the need to work out and stay fit. However, as time moved, her style didn’t! The black studded leather clothing and the poofy hair was the iconic look of the 80s biker girl! However, […] More

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  • Joke: Old Trucker Takes The Ultimate Revenge After Three Men Harassed Him.

    A lot of kids and young people these days think that old people are up to no good, and that they are just “old geezers” wasting everybody’s time. Some of them also like to mess with these “old geezers” “just for fun”! Needless to say, you should not, but if you need any motivation, maybe […] More

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  • Bikers Respond to Man Who Said Church Is ‘Lame’

    No matter how much we say that bikers are nice gold-hearted people, there’s no denying that a lot of them can be a bunch of scary-looking intimidating dudes. Especially, if you happen to come across them in a club. A bunch of these bikers draw to this office dawned in their leather on their Harley-Davidsons. When they […] More

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  • Hells Angels Targeted Again, Vehicles And Properties Searched By Police Special Squads!

    Hells Angels is arguably the world’s largest “outlaw motorcycle gang”. With thousands of members across 463 charters in 56 countries, they aren’t really the favorite guys of law enforcement. In the past several months, authorities in Australia, Canada, Germany, and the US, have been coming down heavily on the club and several other major one-percenter […] More

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  • Watch a Harley Davidson rider Fly 500ft Above The Ground!

    Harley Davidson certainly gives a lot of confidence to its riders. Only brave hearts can have the courage to ride a bike. This rider became so confident about himself that he tried to do something really daring with his bike. Well, you will be completely amazed after listening what he did. This Harley Davidson rider […] More

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  • Biker Slams Cops with “I Don’t Stop For Cops” Sticker And Then Proves it!

    Riders are pretty cool people who like to do something different once in a while. This rider was really bored so he did something really funny. You wouldn’t be able to stop yourself after seeing what he did. The biker slammed a hilarious sticker on the cops’ car and then fled the scene. Well, the […] More

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