What do you do when your motorcycle’s rearview mirror breaks off? Get a new one, right? I mean, that shouldn’t even be a question or anything to think about. But, this Indonesian motorcycle taxi driver really put some mind into it, when his mirror broke off. The photos were posted by an Instagram handle newdramaojol.id. […]

Whenever you call a motorcycle a “hog”, you’re most certainly referring to a Harley-Davidson. A lot of people would mind any other motorcycle being called a hog! But I’m sure, this is one motorcycle that deserves that name despite not being a Harley! The bike is a creation of Hormel! No, we aren’t talking about some […]

As a rider, there’s nothing more I like in the world than a ride on some amazing roads with breathtaking views. Whether you ride solo or with your club, there’s just nothing that beats the experience! And that’s what thousands of riders are seeking in this rally in Tennessee. The Great Smoky Mountains along the Tennessee-North […]

If as a biker, you ever need an argument against marriage, this is it. When you marry a woman, you don’t just agree to share your life with her. You agree to share your money (and bikes) too! And that doesn’t go down well for a lot of us! It certainly didn’t for this biker […]

It’s shocking how people believe anything and everything on the internet! I know it sounds ironic coming from a “guy on the internet”. However, I like to believe you guys consider us more than just “people on the internet”.  At Life Of a Rider, we endeavor to be a credible and authoritative source for whatever […]

The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club is arguably the world’s most (in)famous motorcycle club. With a presence in over 5 continents and 56 countries, the club boasts of over 2500 members across its 463 charters.   Founded in 1948, the Hells Angels have become an epitome of “badass bikers”.   The club’s strong presence across the […]

We’ve said this before, and we’ll say it again, Russia is a land of the weird. Once a superpower in the world, Russia is now reduced to a country with the economy of a developing nation but with the military might of a developed nation.   Corruption is rampant across the country, and President Vladmir […]

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